Sens-Systems WearSens

Sens - Systems Real time, Online Condition Monitoring. (CM)

The principal that has governed the development of the Sens-System is "Detection before Damage"

Conventional Condition Monitoring of lubricated systems, such as particle counting / assessment and vibration analysis needs damage to exist so that the "condition can be monitored".
How much more cost effective to be able to detect deterioration in a lubricant before damage occurs to the components.

This is where WearSens comes in.

Because WearSens is detecting changes in the oil itself, detecting additive depletion, it is now possible to take action BEFORE damage occurs to the components.
Turbines, Compressors, Gear boxes, in fact any industrial lubricated systems can now be monitored in real time with warnings given that allow truly preventative  actions to be taken. In addition the effects of operating conditions on components can be assessed and warning parameters set to ensure optimal performance while maximising asset life.

WearSens Condition Monitoring System.

  • Earlier warning that other systems 
  • Lower cost
  • Less complex installation
  • Gearbox, Turbines, Hydraulic - if it has oil it needs WearSens